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Life Groups


At Free State,

we absolutely believe the best way to get plugged in and to become a part of the community is through family groups
In fact, family groups are so fundamental to Free State's vision, that we hesitate to call it a ministry. Rather, we like to think of ourselves as a church of family groups.

Fundamental to Christian life are intimate relationships. Jesus and the bible teach emphatically that life can only be truly experienced in deep, meaningful relationships with God and with people. Large groups alone, including Sunday Services, will never provide for this profound relational need effectively. Authentic Christian community occurs only when people meet regularly, pray together and for each other, provide deep accountability, support each other in struggles and crises, study the Word together, share, experience life and joy together, laugh with one another, and are vulnerable with each other. In turn, these relational elements help us to experience ourselves as individuals in a more healthy, integrated, and normalized way. All of this is best realized in the small-group context.