Corona Virus

Dear Free State Family,

After much prayer, discussion, and advice from healthcare professionals and other congregations, here is our current plan for the near future:

  1. Suspending Congregational Gatherings
    • ​​​We want to do our part to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 by following some of the patterns of our city and surrounding areas.
    • We are suspending all officially organized gatherings through March 28th.
      • WorshipServices,Midweeks,FGmeetings,Devotionals,etc.
      • (We will send out further information as March 28th approaches)

While we aren’t officially organizing gatherings as a church, we realize people will still choose to spend time together individually, meet in small groups, and have D-times & bible studies. If you do so, please use CDC guidelines.

  1. Live Stream
    • For each Sunday that we do not meet as a congregation, there will be a live stream message that will begin at 10:30 am. We will be continuing our series on Daniel.
    • To access our live stream, go to our website (https://freestate.church) and click the “Live Stream” link at the top.
  2. Online Giving
    • We’re asking that everyone participate in online giving during this time.
      • This can be done by going to our website (https://freestate.church), and clicking the “GIVE” link at the top. Follow the instructions from there.
    • We realize this may be a new way of giving for some of you, but this is important for the financial viability of the church.
  3. Individual Health Discernment
    • Please feel comfortable making any decision you feel is best for yourself and your family, regarding group meetings of any size.
    • If you or your children have recently been sick or feel sick, please do not attend any group gatherings. This is for your protection, as well as the protection of others.
  4. Connect
    • During this time of limited interaction, let’s remember to stay connected to God, through the word and prayer, and stay connected to one another through our many avenues of technology.
    • Let’s be alert to how Satan will be working during this time, and let’s remain faithful, knowing that God is working through this to draw people to him.

* Please visit the website for consistent updates and information along the way!